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Departmental Class Laboratories

All locations are listed. Please use your browser's search feature (Ctrl-f) to locate a specific building.

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RoomBuilding NameSq. Ft.Primary DepartmentStations
103Alphin-Stuart Arena 1,028School Of Animal Sciences 30
01Architecture Annex 811Dean - Architecture 24
107Architecture Annex 229Dean - Architecture 20
111Architecture Annex 571Dean - Architecture 16
101Armory 1,980School Of Visual Arts Sova 36
103Armory 965School Of Visual Arts Sova 16
105Armory 785School Of Visual Arts Sova 14
132Bishop-Favrao Hall 748Myers-Lawson School Of Construction 40
210Bishop-Favrao Hall 1,985Myers-Lawson School Of Construction 80
230Bishop-Favrao Hall 1,715Myers-Lawson School Of Construction 72
2013Building 1750 497School Of Education 18
2080Building 1750 712School Of Education 24
2081Building 1750 578School Of Education 22
000ABurchard Hall 3,128School Of Architecture 80
000BBurchard Hall 3,039School Of Architecture 80
000CBurchard Hall 2,460School Of Architecture 73
000C1Burchard Hall 459School Of Architecture 20
000DBurchard Hall 3,045School Of Architecture 80
021Burchard Hall 463School Of Architecture 16
027Burchard Hall 497School Of Architecture 20
120ABurruss Hall 771School Of Design 30
222EBurruss Hall 1,687School Of Design 30
224ABurruss Hall 742School Of Design 30
132Cheatham Hall 589College Of Natural Resources 35
133Cheatham Hall 507College Of Natural Resources 20
212Cheatham Hall 587College Of Natural Resources 34
213Cheatham Hall 910College Of Natural Resources 24
217Cheatham Hall 880College Of Natural Resources 30
218Cheatham Hall 603For Resources & Environ Consrv 42
220Cheatham Hall 827College Of Natural Resources 34
317BCheatham Hall 564College Of Natural Resources 40
317CCheatham Hall 636College Of Natural Resources 43
310Classroom Building 1,367Registrar 36
330Classroom Building 1,377Registrar 36
350Classroom Building 1,376Registrar 36
370Classroom Building 1,365Registrar 36
367Corps Leadership And Military Science Building 574Dean Of Business 0
370ACorps Leadership And Military Science Building 1,065Dean Of Business 38
370BCorps Leadership And Military Science Building 1,066Dean Of Business 38
300Cowgill Hall 1,978School Of Architecture 78
301Cowgill Hall 2,131School Of Architecture 50
302Cowgill Hall 2,126School Of Architecture 48
305Cowgill Hall 2,523School Of Architecture 43
306Cowgill Hall 2,503School Of Architecture 53
400Cowgill Hall 852School Of Architecture 62
401Cowgill Hall 2,459School Of Architecture 42
402Cowgill Hall 2,474School Of Architecture 50
403Cowgill Hall 476School Of Architecture 20
404Cowgill Hall 493School Of Architecture 16
406Cowgill Hall 2,423School Of Architecture 71
102Cpap [Neily Building] [Thomas-Conner House] 324Institute For Policy And Governance 16
203Cpap [Neily Building] [Thomas-Conner House] 328Institute For Policy And Governance 10
113Creativity And Innovation District - Living Learning Community 960School Of Visual Arts Sova 20
116Creativity And Innovation District - Living Learning Community 1,418School Of Visual Arts Sova 20
117Creativity And Innovation District - Living Learning Community 1,399School Of Visual Arts Sova 20
130Creativity And Innovation District - Living Learning Community 2,136School Of Visual Arts Sova 32
150Creativity And Innovation District - Living Learning Community 2,963School Of Performing Arts 481
160Data And Decision Sciences 1,275Finance, Insurance & Business Law 45
260AData And Decision Sciences 528Finance, Insurance & Business Law 22
270Data And Decision Sciences 617Dean Of Business 16
330Data And Decision Sciences 718Mathematics 14
120Davidson Hall 663Chemistry 31
220Davidson Hall 697Chemistry 33
320Davidson Hall 684Chemistry 31
1009Derring Hall 1,106Biological Sciences 25
1020Derring Hall 886Biological Sciences 24
1021Derring Hall 1,098Biological Sciences 25
1022Derring Hall 923Biological Sciences 25
1032Derring Hall 890Biological Sciences 24
1033Derring Hall 1,099Biological Sciences 24
1065Derring Hall 957Biological Sciences 20
1071Derring Hall 747Geosciences 49
1096Derring Hall 855School Of Education 24
2044Derring Hall 733Geosciences 15
2052Derring Hall 738Geosciences 30
2060Derring Hall 735Geosciences 30
2068Derring Hall 732Geosciences 30
2084Derring Hall 857Biological Sciences 36
3078Derring Hall 972Biological Sciences 24
4009Derring Hall 1,001Physics 32
4029Derring Hall 997Physics 32
4069Derring Hall 1,290Geosciences 78
152Durham Hall 731Industrial And Systems Engineering 30
189Durham Hall 527Industrial And Systems Engineering 30
108Etgen Learning Center Classroom 856Cals Administration 30
109Etgen Learning Center Classroom 871Cals Administration 30
132Food Science And Technology Laboratory 555Food Science And Technology 38
15Food Science And Technology Laboratory 4,482Food Science And Technology 40
17Food Science And Technology Laboratory 1,110Food Science And Technology 32
001Fralin Biotechnology Center 1,090Biochemistry 24
002Fralin Biotechnology Center 1,039Biochemistry 53
005Fralin Biotechnology Center 1,072Biochemistry 23
102Fralin Biotechnology Center 1,059Flsi Operations 90
3102Gilbert Place 862Computer Science 0
3112Gilbert Place 922Computer Science 0
3114Gilbert Place 646Computer Science 0
3201Gilbert Place 864Computer Science 0
3213Gilbert Place 799Computer Science 0
3214Gilbert Place 647Computer Science 0
3215Gilbert Place 1,003Computer Science 0
3301Gilbert Place 870Academic Resource Management 0
3320Gilbert Place 989Academic Resource Management 0
3321Gilbert Place 807Academic Resource Management 0
3325Gilbert Place 935Academic Resource Management 0
3326Gilbert Place 927Academic Resource Management 0
3410Gilbert Place 1,052Academic Resource Management 0
3418Gilbert Place 944Academic Resource Management 0
4102Gilbert Place 864Computer Science 14
4111Gilbert Place 647Computer Science 16
4112Gilbert Place 924Computer Science 24
4201Gilbert Place 864Computer Science 16
4213Gilbert Place 801Computer Science 16
4214Gilbert Place 644Computer Science 16
4215Gilbert Place 1,006Computer Science 24
4301Gilbert Place 920Computer Science 0
4305Gilbert Place 861Computer Science 14
4311Gilbert Place 1,069Computer Science 18
4411Gilbert Place 987Academic Resource Management 0
4412Gilbert Place 913Academic Resource Management 0
5432Gilbert Place 1,388Trio Programs 40
140Goodwin Hall 1,864Aerospace And Ocean Engineering 15
100Greenhouse 1,139School Of Plant & Environmental Sci 45
103Hahn Hall - North Wing 5,245Physics 144
109Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,079Physics 16
110Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,070Physics 25
201Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,183Chemistry 24
202Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,221Chemistry 24
206Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,188Biological Sciences 24
209Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,184Chemistry 24
213Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,168Chemistry 24
216Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,164Biological Sciences 24
217Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,172Chemistry 24
301Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,156Chemistry 26
308Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,172Chemistry 24
309Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,195Chemistry 24
315Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,497Chemistry 18
316Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,146Chemistry 24
401Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,183Chemistry 12
402Hahn Hall - North Wing 934Chemistry 30
406Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,471Chemistry 24
410Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,511Chemistry 24
414Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,506Chemistry 24
415Hahn Hall - North Wing 1,483Chemistry 24
105Hancock Hall 480Biomedical Engineering & Mechanics 16
209Hancock Hall 722Chemical Engineering 46
106Henderson Hall 610School Of Visual Arts Sova 9
107Henderson Hall 908School Of Performing Arts 15
112Henderson Hall 474School Of Performing Arts 17
114Henderson Hall 402School Of Performing Arts 18
203Henderson Hall 2,343School Of Visual Arts Sova 55
204Henderson Hall 669School Of Visual Arts Sova 35
208Henderson Hall 448School Of Visual Arts Sova 24
353Henderson Hall 440School Of Visual Arts Sova 27
143Hillcrest Hall 1,800Honors College 0
124Holden Hall 674Materials Science & Engineering 24
126Holden Hall 915Mining And Minerals Engineering 24
138Holden Hall 881Mining And Minerals Engineering 24
211Holden Hall 722Mining And Minerals Engineering 24
227Holden Hall 838Mining And Minerals Engineering 24
108Human And Agricultural Biosciences Building 1 702Food Science And Technology 35
106Kroehling Advanced Materials Foundry 512Materials Science & Engineering 10
134Lane Hall 428Science, Technology, And Society 28
101Life Sciences I Facility 836Biological Sciences 39
1890Litton-Reaves Hall 1,025Agriculture Technology 2-Year Prog. 60
232Litton-Reaves Hall 717Agriculture Technology 2-Year Prog. 37
244Litton-Reaves Hall 366Ag, Leadership&Community Education 15
2567Litton-Reaves Hall 420School Of Animal Sciences 21
280Litton-Reaves Hall 1,101Cals Academic Programs 24
290Litton-Reaves Hall 1,031Cals Academic Programs 30
3720Litton-Reaves Hall 500School Of Animal Sciences 18
100Major Williams Hall 355Religion And Culture 20
225Major Williams Hall 381Philosophy 15
327Major Williams Hall 373Modern & Classical Languages 28
427Major Williams Hall 376History 19
502Major Williams Hall 525Political Science 20
455Mcbryde Hall 1,076Mathematics 49
566Mcbryde Hall 361Sociology 16
655Mcbryde Hall 1,054Computer Science 50
198Mccomas Hall 1,001Recreational Sports Aux 22
101Media Building 660Inst For Creativity, Arts & Tech 20
206Media Building 606Inst For Creativity, Arts & Tech 21
207Military Building / Laundry 770Rotc (Navy) 42
208Military Building / Laundry 357Rotc (Air Force) 25
153Moss Arts Center 1,071School Of Communication 4
157Moss Arts Center 680School Of Communication 31
253AMoss Arts Center 724Inst For Creativity, Arts & Tech 25
101SNewman Library 1,517Library 72
120Newman Library 946Inst For Creativity, Arts & Tech 20
121Newman Library 892Inst For Creativity, Arts & Tech 19
122Newman Library 727Inst For Creativity, Arts & Tech 18
124Newman Library 1,060Library 42
05Norris Hall 3,746Biomedical Engineering & Mechanics 15
127Norris Hall 1,494Biomedical Engineering & Mechanics 24
129Norris Hall 977Civil & Environmental Engineering 16
209Norris Hall 743Sociology 25
101North End 460 1,833School Of Performing Arts 55
106Northern Virginia Center 381Tlos 8
113Northern Virginia Center 749Tlos 32
206Northern Virginia Center 599Tlos 17
219Northern Virginia Center 783Tlos 37
323Northern Virginia Center 578Tlos 23
201Old Security Building 820Rotc (Army) 34
203Old Security Building 1,037Rotc (Army) 38
146O'Shaughnessy Hall 836Dsa-Student Affairs Central Aux. 40
25Patton Hall 952Civil & Environmental Engineering 25
220Price Hall 1,265Entomology 58
221Price Hall 782Entomology 30
301APrice Hall 522Entomology 25
400Price Hall 1,266School Of Plant & Environmental Sci 40
232Riverside Center 1 0Vp Of Health Sciences & Technology 40
012Sandy Hall 629School Of Neuroscience 28
102Saunders Hall 860School Of Plant & Environmental Sci 43
106Saunders Hall 1,311School Of Plant & Environmental Sci 20
105Seitz Hall 1,254Biological Systems Engineering 48
108Seitz Hall 771Biological Systems Engineering 36
110Seitz Hall 1,218Biological Systems Engineering 10
112Seitz Hall 1,698School Of Education 30
114Seitz Hall 1,657Biological Systems Engineering 25
043Shanks Hall 499School Of Communication 29
160Shanks Hall 940School Of Communication 25
180Shanks Hall 947English 26
340Shanks Hall 431English 15
352Shanks Hall 521English 18
360Shanks Hall 947English 38
380Shanks Hall 835English 28
246BSmyth Hall 731School Of Plant & Environmental Sci 24
132Squires Student Center 2,564School Of Performing Arts 10
134Squires Student Center 3,493Provost - Administration 237
148Squires Student Center 454School Of Performing Arts 17
162Squires Student Center 1,433School Of Performing Arts 50
165Squires Student Center 349School Of Performing Arts 15
228Squires Student Center 2,342School Of Performing Arts 232
240Squires Student Center 348School Of Performing Arts 17
242ESquires Student Center 140School Of Performing Arts 1
242FSquires Student Center 196School Of Performing Arts 2
242GSquires Student Center 132School Of Performing Arts 1
242NSquires Student Center 140School Of Performing Arts 1
242PSquires Student Center 116School Of Performing Arts 1
242QSquires Student Center 132School Of Performing Arts 1
242RSquires Student Center 201School Of Performing Arts 4
242USquires Student Center 131School Of Performing Arts 1
243Squires Student Center 1,919School Of Performing Arts 99
247Squires Student Center 179School Of Performing Arts 2
C05Steger Center For International Scholarship 715Steger Center For Internat Schol 0
145Steger Hall - North Wing 2,217Flsi Investments 189
108Surge Space Building 2,487Provost - Administration 22
117Surge Space Building 1,092Provost - Administration 10
117ASurge Space Building 1,126Provost - Administration 10
118ASurge Space Building 1,672Provost - Administration 30
118BSurge Space Building 1,111Provost - Administration 10
118DSurge Space Building 2,071Provost - Administration 58
118ESurge Space Building 1,719Provost - Administration 20
101Theater 101 1,777School Of Performing Arts 81
201Theater 101 1,572School Of Performing Arts 45
3310Torgersen Hall 672Library 20
220Vet Med Instructional Addition 919Cvm - Academic Affairs 49
100Vet Med Phase 2 3,817Cvm - Academic Affairs 150
121Vet Med Phase 2 1,768Biomedical Science 40
6-051Virginia Tech Research Center - Arlington 940School Of Pub & Internat Affairs 30
6-053Virginia Tech Research Center - Arlington 811School Of Pub & Internat Affairs 25
M210Vt / Carilion Medical School And Research Institute 2,175Dean Of Vtc School Of Medicine 64
M306Vt / Carilion Medical School And Research Institute 974Dean Of Vtc School Of Medicine 10
100Wallace Hall 776Apparel, Housing And Resource Mgmt 50
101Wallace Hall 955Geography 32
125Wallace Hall 738Apparel, Housing And Resource Mgmt 20
126Wallace Hall 803Apparel, Housing And Resource Mgmt 35
127Wallace Hall 1,038Apparel, Housing And Resource Mgmt 49
128Wallace Hall 704Apparel, Housing And Resource Mgmt 20
228Wallace Hall 839Human Nutrition, Foods & Exercise 20
234Wallace Hall 1,075Geography 55
246Wallace Hall 434Apparel, Housing And Resource Mgmt 20
247Wallace Hall 1,532Apparel, Housing And Resource Mgmt 22
332Wallace Hall 450Human Nutrition, Foods & Exercise 24
341Wallace Hall 741Hospitality And Tourism 14
403Wallace Hall 806Human Nutrition, Foods & Exercise 20
410Wallace Hall 874Apparel, Housing And Resource Mgmt 20
412Wallace Hall 882Apparel, Housing And Resource Mgmt 44
118War Memorial Gymnasium 609School Of Education 26
220FWar Memorial Gymnasium 681School Of Education 20
220GWar Memorial Gymnasium 682School Of Education 20
220LWar Memorial Gymnasium 746School Of Education 25
234War Memorial Gymnasium 592Human Nutrition, Foods & Exercise 17
400War Memorial Gymnasium 557School Of Education 25
220Whittemore Hall 379Electrical And Computerengineering 8
222Whittemore Hall 557Electrical And Computerengineering 18
251Whittemore Hall 549Electrical And Computerengineering 8
253Whittemore Hall 611Electrical And Computerengineering 8
430Whittemore Hall 1,172Electrical And Computerengineering 12
518Whittemore Hall 986Industrial And Systems Engineering 48
102Wood Engineering Lab 815Sustainable Biomaterials 30